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I know for a fact we are not a scam we do no take people money home or credit card info for our own personal reasons we help you save money on debt THAT YOU TOOK OUT and DID NOT PAY if you want calls to stop and are so scared of scams then just pay it off honestly because even if we cant get you to pay its still going to go to other collection agencies we do not need you people money we are here just like those of you who work we just want to support our families back home thats why when you people choose not to pay we DO NOT ARGUE so are we going to serve you and all of that it really doesnt matter whether we do or don't you still will have debt and you still will owe money no matter how old it is so my advice to all you people is PAY YOUR DEBT PERIOD AND YOU WONT HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT ANY OF THIS....!!!!!!!!!

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Really?How about this. I went to court over a supposed (and bogus) debt that Velocity investments LLC said I owed.

I didn't. So I WON that court case. With predjudice.

Case closed.Now, YEARS later, I get a letter from Northland Group trying to collect the same exact debt that Velocity Investments tried to sue me for and LOST.Your company is buying bogus, zombie debt from other companies that aren't even VALID or within SOL even! You're trying to con me into giving money I literally do not owe to anyone even though I still have the court documents that show my judgment in court.What was that you were saying about paying my debt and I won't have to worry about you?The company you work for is a fraud and a group of bottom feeders trying to scare people into paying off debts that arent even valid or LEGAL.Maybe your attitude is misplaced.


I paid my settlement as agreed but you think it's right to try and be sneaky to get me to pay the other part by using a different reference#

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