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we received a settlement offer and I called to pay it off, but instead they took the whole amount originally owed out of my bank account. Now they claim that I never mentioned a settlement offer.

I have spoken to the manager and he says that in the voice record I never say anything about it.

But they don't let me listen for myself. If I indeed didn't say it why would they deny me hearing it. Now because they took more out than what they should have now I can't pay certain bills.

I'm gonna have to pay late fees and get a bad review. Whats the point of trying to fix the credit when you have jerks like them putting you back in the same position.

Monetary Loss: $193.

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Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #93977

Sorry for your trouble. Let that be a lesson to the rest.

NEVER discuss such matters w/ collectors. Stay Off the Phone Period!!! All this applies no matter if you owe or not. As soon as you get that first dunning letter from them, YOU send them (via USPS certified mail return receipt requested about $6) a letter demanding they never phone for you at any number, AND that you dispute the alleged debt, AND that they validate the alleged debt with PROOF that BOTH you incurred the alleged debt AND BOTH they AND the current creditor has legal assign aka title to alleged debt.

DO NOT sign that letter; that would give them your sig they can copy onto other docs. These NGI & others like em rarely have any such docs from original creditors; I KNOW! You'll probably never hear from them again. But if they do call again, you can sue them in Fed Court for violation of Fair Debt Collection Practice Act.

Unless & until they show all those proofs, Fed law prohibits further collection activity; BUT you have to demand it first. I KNOW ... absolutely KNOW and have walked away w/ thousands $ that NGI & its partners in arm-twisting had to pay us.

I've learned to enjoy it; but don't talk w/ them except to ask who they are & what their physical address is. No discussion PERIOD!

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